Information Technology Section


Recently, due to the continued progress of information technology and the mature of database technology, Libraries around the world are also gradually computerized in order to provide better services to its users. The University Library of Minghsin University of Science and Technology following the trajectory of the school mission, which is becoming a first class school, was promoted in August 2003 to a first-level division. At the same time, the Information Technology Section was set up to be in charge of overall IT related affairs of the library such as planning, development, and maintenance of all hardware and software systems in the library for fully supporting the library’s provision of good service.


Since the information technology group was established, the predecessors had well established the good foundation of digital environment for the library. Their efforts not only make the library function smoothly but also provide convenient services to all the teachers and students in our school.

At present, the Information Technology Section has four members including the group leader and the crew. The business of this section includes the management and maintenance of computers and peripherals, searching system and database of the library. Also, we are in charge of data backup and collection.

Future development

The section is zealous to look for any possibilities to improve our services; therefore, we will regularly update the systems, replace the old equipment, and correct the bugs in the system. Also, we welcome any suggestions and possible cooperation for developing new library procedures thus helping the library become a better one.


icon Chiu-Fen Lee
Title Chief, Information Technology Section
Tel 03-5593142 # 2520
Education Minghsin University
Managing the affairs of the Section
Substitute Wei-Cheng Tsao; Shu-Jane Chen
icon Shu-Jane Chen
Title Technical Specialist
Tel 03-5593142 # 2523
Education Department of Computer Science & Information Engineering, National Central University
1.Management and maintenance of library systems
2.Compilation, production and distribution of library e-paper
3.Management and maintenance of monitoring system
4.Management and maintenance of library server
5.Providing the immediate assistance to the user to deal with the computer and network related issues
6.To handle computer hardware and software problems in the library
Substitute Wei-Cheng Tsao
icon Wei-Cheng Tsao
Title Technical Specialist
Tel 03-5593142 # 2524
Education Yun-Ze University
1.Management and maintenance of library systems
2.Building and maintenance of library website
3.Maintenance thesis system
4.Management and maintenance of Institutional Repository system
5.File conversion, management and maintenance of VOD system
6.Maintenance of library public data
7.Management and maintenance of library server
8.Application development
Substitute Shu-Jane Chen